Spousal Support/Alimony

Aggressive Defense of Your Financial Interests in Divorce

Spousal support, still commonly called alimony, is an intensely disputed issue in many Oregon divorces. Judges in the Portland area and across Oregon have significant latitude award the spousal support they see fit.

Taking All Relevant Circumstances Into Account

Unlike laws governing child support, which include objective guidelines and a base formula, Oregon spousal support laws include references to a vast range of possible factors. General principles to consider include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Current incomes and earning capacities of both spouses
  • Parties’ financial needs
  • Individual’s Health
  • And past contributions to the marriage

While most spousal awards are temporary and “transitional” in nature, permanent awards are still issued and the amounts of those awards vary widely. It is also important to know that alleged “fault” or misconduct leading to the divorce will not be considered.

Performing Essential Research and Building the Best Possible Case for You

If spousal support will be an issue in your case, now is the time to address it thoroughly. At Oliveros Law Group, our attorneys are adept at performing comprehensive financial analysis to:

  • Locate any hidden assets or income
  • Project financial needs and establish realistic earning capacity for both parties
  • Examine tax consequences and other financial complexities
  • Ensure the impacts of child support and any proposed property settlement are properly taken into account
  • Negotiate lump sum settlements when it is in our clients’ best interests

We build strong cases for our family law clients, and we are always prepared for trial if necessary. We work with you to defend your critical long-term interests. To discuss spousal support and all other aspects of your divorce, please contact our offices in Clackamas today.

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