Your Second Amendment Rights

Restore Second Amendment Rights for You or a Loved One

At Oliveros Law Group, we value your Second Amendment Rights. If you or a loved one have been convicted of a felony, domestic violence charge, drug crime, the subject of a restraining order, or civil commitment, you have lost your Second Amendment Rights.  We may be able to get your rights restored.

​​These requests are granted when your lawyer assists in explaining to the Court that you are not a danger to society or yourself.  The burden is on the Petitioner to prove by Clear and Convincing Evidence

Our attorneys will assist with:

  • Preparing your Petition that is filed in the County you live in.
  • Putting pertinent information forward to the Court to emphasize how much life has changed for you.
  • Follow-through with you until a decision is made on your behalf

Whether you are eligible or not to restore your Second Amendment Rights, the attorneys at Oliveros Law Group will help you explore the possibility of getting these rights restored for you.

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