Child Custody & Visitation

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Divorce is a major life event for anyone, but when children are involved, it is even more important to exercise careful decision-making and planning. Whether you believe you and your divorcing spouse can agree, or you anticipate an intense child custody dispute, your situation calls for a knowledgeable lawyer.

At Oliveros Law Group, we prioritize positive custody and visitation outcomes for our clients. This effort begins with understanding your relationships and goals, so we can assess options and offer informed counsel about likely outcomes.

Informed and Practical Counsel on All Issues Involving Children

Emotions run high when people’s family relationships are at stake. Our courts make the best interests of the child the foremost consideration. It is critical for parents to adopt this perspective as well. However, a father and mother who no longer communicate well almost always have some disagreement about what is best for the kids.

As you make choices that will profoundly affect your children’s lives and your own, our child custody attorneys will strive to make certain you are fully informed. Our counsel will include:

  • Explaining the differences between sole custody and joint custody — including the impact on your parental rights and involvement as a residential or nonresidential parent
  • Discussion of child support and other financial considerations, enabling you to set realistic expectations about life after divorce
  • Seeking creative visitation and parenting time solutions that maximize time with your children while accounting for your work obligations.
  • Helping you take all steps necessary to improve your chances of gaining the child custody and visitation arrangements you want
  • Establishing standards for visiting the other parent in long-distance family situations

Versatile Divorce Attorneys for Your Current or Post-Divorce Problem

We take pride in our ability to advocate for mothers and fathers rights, during or after divorce, when a change in circumstances makes a custody modification or other action necessary. We offer straightforward honest advice in difficult parental relocation issues.

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