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Clackamas County Domestic Abuse and Family Violence Attorneys

As attorneys who are familiar with criminal defense and family law, Oliveros Law Group provides a valuable set of skills to help resolve criminal charges related to domestic abuse and family violence. We advise people about the full range of criminal problems that can happen in cases related to domestic violence. In our family law practice, we see many cases where financial problems and stress from divorce result in a domestic violence arrest. Our experience with these kinds of problems in both family court and criminal prosecutions can give you significant advantages when trying to get the case resolved on good terms.

Get Advice About Domestic Abuse Charges

At Oliveros Law Group we advise and represent people in the greater Portland area who face domestic violence charges involving any of the following:

  • Spousal victim
  • Child victim
  • Roommate or cohabitant partner victim
  • Stalking or harassment allegations
  • Restraining order violations
  • Felony domestic violence allegations based on the use of a weapon, great bodily harm or a prior conviction on violent crime charges

Whether the domestic violence allegation is a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence case, it can be extremely stressful. In domestic abuse cases involving charges of domestic violence, Portland criminal defense attorneys of Oliveros Law Group PC provided aggressive legal advocacy to protect domestic abuse and family violence victims from being wrongfully accused.

Consulting with an experienced domestic abuse attorney is essential when facing charges. The police often contact the District Attorney’s office before arresting someone for domestic violence, and it may be advisable to meet with a domestic abuse attorney before cooperating with law enforcement or making statements about your case. Our domestic abuse attorneys with Oliveros Law Group PC can explain how the criminal process works in misdemeanor or felony domestic violence cases, help negotiate a resolution on terms favorable to you, prepare you for trial if necessary and represent you at trial when appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding domestic abuse or family violence charges contact the attorneys at Oliveros Law Group, PC, (503) 335-3800 or fill out the form below.

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