Grandparents’ Rights

Caring, Assertive Advocacy for Grandparents

One of the most complex areas of family law involves the determination of grandparents’ rights to visitation with grandchildren. Although the intent of our statutes essentially revolves around the best interests of children, grandparents’ desire for custody can be extremely challenging even when most people would assess parents as unfit.

The ambiguity and elements of judgment required in grandparents’ rights cases make it especially important for a loving grandparent to find an experienced, tough attorney willing to go the distance to achieve a vital goal. Our family law attorneys at Oliveros Law Group have repeatedly proven they have these qualities.

Experience in Custody, Visitation, and Domestic Violence Cases

We are prepared to counsel and represent grandparents anywhere in the Portland metro or anywhere in Oregon who are striving for:

  • Reasonable contact with grandchildren despite a biological or adoptive parent’s objections — which requires demonstrating how denying visitation negatively impacts the child or children
  • Custody of grandchildren whose parents are engaged in neglect, abuse, other illegal activities such as drug use or manufacture, or basic failure to provide a safe home
  • Basic rights as legal guardians and/or conservators for children they are already caring for, often essential for school enrollment, acquiring insurance coverage, and other essentials

Our skilled, passionate lawyers have deep experience reaching resolution in difficult disputes over child custody and visitation. In addition, our work in criminal defense gives us relevant insight into domestic abuse cases, interaction with the Department of Human Services (DHS), and how documented abuse or neglect can intersect with parental and grandparents’ rights.

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