Child Support Attorney Clackamas

Protecting Your Financial Interests in Divorce and Afterward

At the most basic level, Oregon child support awards are based on straight mathematical calculations. However, like other aspects of family law, exceptions and judgment calls frequently enter into the equation.

Assuming that monthly child support awarded in your case will be fair and equitable could prove to be a costly risk to you. For engaged legal counsel focused on your personal and familial well-being, we encourage you to contact us today and arrange a meeting.

At Oliveros Law Group, our family law attorneys are diligent in helping our clients understand child support obligations and make informed decisions. We handle all aspects of divorce no matter how complex they may appear. We can also take decisive, efficient action if you need to seek a child support modification.

A Respected Law Firm with Outstanding Financial Knowledge

We have represented many entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, attorneys, corporate executives, and affluent spouses for whom child support and spousal support/alimony calculations can be complex and disputed. Our financial practical understanding and connections to forensic accountants equip us well to deal with issues including:

  • Locating hidden income or assets that may influence child support, spousal support or property division in your favor
  • Unique child custody and visitation/parenting time arrangements that may justify a deviation from standard Oregon child support guidelines
  • Protecting your own and your children’s financial interests if bankruptcy is a consideration in your case
  • Building your case for a post-divorce modification of child support due to a substantial change in income or other circumstances

Prepared to Unravel Complexity and Target the Best Outcome For You

Whether you have one child or several, from infants to those approaching college, the impact of a divorce on your financial outlook will almost certainly be substantial. Dividing your household assets and incomes to best support children, while protecting your own rights, is a challenge that calls for an experienced lawyer.

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