White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a general phrase referring to violations based on deception, fraud or breach of trust instead of threats or violence to achieve an illegal purpose. Embezzlement or bank fraud are examples of white collar property crimes, while offenses such as perjury or election fraud may or may not be committed for purposes of gain.

If you are facing charges of fraud, embezzlement or identity theft, you should consider getting the advice of an attorney whose resourceful approach to the resolution of serious criminal charges can help expand your options while protecting your rights.

Expert Advice About Resolving White Collar Crime Charges

In our experience with white collar crime defense, the main focus of your defense should be protecting you from the consequences of conviction rather than fighting conviction on the charges, unless there is a viable defense to the allegations against you.

Our typical white collar crime client has no serious prior criminal record, and the episode of employee theft or identity theft at stake in the current case usually reflects a combination of financial stress, temptation, and opportunity. By presenting the complete story of your situation and offering a range of constructive alternatives, we can usually avoid incarceration.

We work hard to limit your exposure to consequences in your career or threats to your standing in a licensed profession. Each of the defense strategies that we will use in your case will take into account your future interests and long-term goals as well as your immediate legal problems.

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