Physical and Sexual Assault

Understanding, Caring, and Experienced Attorneys

Physical and sexual assault are serious crimes that can have devastating physical and emotional effects. While criminal prosecution is necessary to hold your attacker accountable, a civil action can be another means to seek full retribution for your injuries. We help our clients seek compensation for the physical and emotional damages they have suffered.

An assault occurs when any type of unwanted sexual activity or contact takes place. This includes any nonconsensual touching, sex, or physical aggression. An assault can occur anywhere and from anyone. We help our clients get justice from strangers, domestic or intimate partners, medical professionals, family members, friends, teachers, priests, anyone who has harmed them. It is also possible to seek damages from third party organizations, such as churches, or state agencies, for failing to keep you safe.

Trial-Proven Lawyers and Negotiators Who Focus on Your Needs

There is no substitute for experienced legal counsel. At Oliveros Law Group, we fight for our clients to get what they deserve.  We know that sometime discretion is optimal for our clients seeking damages from an attacker. If discretion is the best path for resolution, our attorneys are effective negotiators to settle your matter as quickly as possible. If negotiations stall or are ineffective, our attorneys have years of experience with Oregon courts and know what it takes to deliver the best results for you.

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