Dog Attacks

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Dog bites are a very serious matter. Every year dogs attack thousands of men, woman, and children, often with little or no warning. Young children are the most prone to being attacked and seriously injured. A single bite can cause severe injuries requiring extensive medical attention and lasting trauma. Our experienced and compassionate lawyers know the long-term effects a dog bite can have. We work with our clients do determine what is the best resolution to their injuries.

Far-Reaching Legal Knowledge That Could Make the Difference For You

There are many misconceptions about a “one bite” rule. Under Oregon common law there is a “one bite” rule; however, this rule does not excuse the owner from liability of an injury. This rule generally keeps the dog from being euthanized if it is the first act of aggression. If the dog has previously bitten someone or had a propensity of aggressive behavior the owner may be strictly liable for any attack. In Oregon, a dog owner is required to take ordinary care to prevent injuries to others and obey leash laws and running at large ordinances. An owner may be strictly liable for any injury if they do not adhere to these standards.

At Oliveros Law Group, our knowledgeable attorneys are able to gather all of the evidence to determine if a dog has any history of aggression. To prove an owner’s liability, evidence such as an owner telling friends and neighbors that the dog has a tendency to bite or a dog growling at strangers can be enough. We know how traumatizing a dog attack can be. We work hard for our clients to ensure they achieve the results that are best for them.

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