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  • Record Of Success

    Our clients come to us for our skills, experience, and established credibility in the court room. They appreciate the in-depth personal attention we deliver to them and their legal issues.Each dedicated member of our legal team is committed to helping you make solid decisions that balances the cost and risk of each case.

  • Locally Based

    The attorneys of Oliveros Law Group PC, a proven law firm with offices in Clackamas and Beaverton, represent clients throughout Portland and across Oregon including Multnomah County, Clackamas County, and Washington County, and communities such as Milwaukie, Gladstone, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Wilsonville, Gresham, and Sandy.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Depending on your specific situation, a legal misstep could damage your financial stability and prospects, harm your family, and even cost you your freedom. We urge you to contact our Clackamas firm and arrange a helpful, and informative consultation to begin exploring options and solutions that work for you.

Our Team

Greg Oliveros

Original founder of the Oliveros Law Group, Gregory Paul Oliveros is a native Oregonian and passionate supporter of this great state. Mr. Oliveros has a deep commitment to his community. From his involvement with his children’s extracurricular activities during their youth, to being an active community leader in various capacities over the years. Mr. Oliveros continues to look for ways that his law firm can support his local community. However, it’s in his work as an attorney in which Mr. Oliveros is most passionate. When asked what differentiates himself from other attorneys, Mr. Oliveros states,

“Energy and Vision! Outside of the box thinking and new ideas on how to approach each individual client is why our success rate is so high. It’s important to bring a can-do-attitude to each one of our clients, as that builds trust and allows us to work together to build a plan that gets our clients to their goal.”

Mr. Oliveros has extensive educational credentials. In 1973, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and worked in the Portland Public School District until 1987. His last five years he was the assistant principle of Humboldt Elementary. During this time, Mr. Oliveros earned two Masters Degrees from Portland State University, both in education fields of study. Finally, he earned his Juris Doctorate in Law from Lewis & Clark Law School in 1990 and began his practice in 1991. Greg is constantly thinking about how to serve his clients better and how best to ease their burdens. Mr. Oliveros has actively worked as a criminal defense lawyer for over twenty five-years now. Criminal defense, family law and personal injury are focus areas of practice for Mr. Oliveros and his firm. His success rate is why new clients consistently seek Mr. Oliveros out for counsel.  Mr. Oliveros has also been a member of the Family Law Section of the Oregon State Bar.

“In growing my law firm over the years, I have always believed it is important to stay sharp and forward thinking for the benefit of my past, current and future clients. We are always learning.  Remember it’s not always what we know, but what we do. That is the value that we bring to each client.”

Mr. Oliveros carries on these philosophies in his home life as well. He and his wife Gina have been married since 1984. They have three children and three granddaughters and one great grandson. Mr. Oliveros enjoys spending time with family and loves to travel with his wife when time allows. His commitment to leadership and client relations is what has made the Oliveros Law Group a premiere law firm in the Clackamas and greater Portland, Oregon area. Avvo - Rate your Lawyer. Get Free Legal Advice.

Louren Oliveros

Louren Oliveros is a board certified civil trial lawyer and member of the National Board of Trial Advocacy (ABA accredited) and holds an associate member rank with the American Board of Trial Advocacy. Louren has the highest rating for legal and ethical excellence by Martindale-Hubbell, AV Preeminent. Louren also graduated from the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. She was recently honored to accept an appointment to serve on the New Mexico Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Committee (2015) and she served on the New Mexico Supreme Court Rules of Evidence Committee (2014/2015). Louren is a member of the American Association for Justice, ABA Women Rainmakers Committee, New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association and the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Louren’s philosophy is to put hard work and heart in all that she does. She is known to take on tough cases and fight for her clients. She has taken over 20 cases to trial before juries in criminal and civil courts

Christopher Lachmann

Christopher P. Lachmann is The Oliveros Law Group Managing Director and chief financial office. He came to the firm in early 2017 after working with Mr. Oliveros for 4 years in a consultative role.  Mr. Lachmann has a diverse background working in executive management and operational roles. Ultimately, his focus is to increase revenue and profitability, a skill set Mr. Lachmann has successfully taken with him to a handful of companies over the last 20 years. When asked about his approach to growing a law firm he states,

“The life blood of any business is the customers. Same with a law firm. Each client must be given the very same level of respect and priority as the next. Raising the bar on client relationships is how great reputations are built.”

Mr. Lachmann spent 11 years working in the alcohol beverage industry, specializing in executive growth plans for profitability along with aiding in government compliancy. For the next 9 years, he worked in digital marketing at the executive and consultative level. His overall creative thinking, intuition and persistence is why his success rate is so high.  Mr. Lachmann’s enthusiasm and passion for supporting his co-workers in helping people, is considered an asset at The Oliveros Law Group.

Carrie Majors-Staab

Carrie Majors-Staab is a Senior Associate Attorney with the Oliveros Law Group. She was born and raised here in Portland, OR, and graduated from Milwaukie High School. She then enrolled into Oregon State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Ms. Majors-Staab then went on to attend Lewis & Clark, Northwest School of Law where she earned her Juris Doctorate.  Over the past 20 years Carrie has been practicing law, focused on areas such as, Family Law, Real Estate Law and Business Law. Her no-non-sense approach to her client’s matters is one that is valued both by her team and her clients. Carrie is a hands-on attorney that works with her staff and her client’s in a collaborative effort to find solutions as team. Carrie is also known for her compassion when dealing with clients and listening to their concerns and the challenges they may be facing. When asked why she wanted to become an attorney, Ms. Majors-Staab states:

“I applied to law school because I wanted to help people. Through my law practice, I developed a passion for helping people through difficult times. My focus is to help people understand the complexities of the law. Through transparency and information sharing, I can help people navigate the legal system and find the results they seek.”

Carrie has two sons and lives in Happy Valley. When she is not working, she enjoys gardening, baking, and practices martial arts.  She is active in her community volunteering with her youngest son’s Boy Scout troop. Her oldest son is considering a career in the law and loves researching Constitutional Law issues and together they review the cases and discuss them.  Carrie brings deep work ethic to the Oliveros Law group and her integrity with her clients is why she is such a valued member of the Oliveros Law Group team.

Danielle Ashcraft

Danielle Ashcraft is an Associate Attorney at the Oliveros Law Group. She was born in Hood River Oregon and was raised in Sandy Oregon. She attended and graduated high school at St. Mary’s Academy in Portland, Oregon. After High School Ms. Ashcraft attended Seattle University, where she earned a degree in Political Science. Ms. Ashcraft knew she wanted to attend law school and was accepted the Willamette University School of Law. She earned her Doctorate in Jurisprudence and graduated in 2021. After successfully passing the bar, she came to work at the Oliveros Law Group. When asked what she enjoys the most about working in the legal industry, she states,

“I love the environment of this office and the family feeling that comes with being part of a great team. I am a strong believer that it takes a team to accomplish the level of success we are trying to gain for our clients. That team comradery is invaluable. We win as a team, and we lift each other up when we face challenges as a team. The support I receive from my team, I am able to pass on in my support of my client’s goals.”

Danielle comes from a big family. She was adopted at the age of two and has four sisters and one brother; she is the youngest of six. Ms. Ashcraft is married to her husband Brad, and they have a 10-year-old daughter. As a family they enjoy outdoor activities, games and playing with the family dog. When Danielle is not working, she enjoys axe throwing, softball and lacrosse. Danielle’s passion for family law and her deep commitment to her clients makes her an excellent addition to the Oliveros Law Group team and a great asset.

Wendy Melby

Wendy Melby is a Senior Paralegal at the Oliveros Law Group. Her ability to perform at a high level of productivity and fluidity between cases makes her an invaluable member of the team. Wendy came to the firm in 2015. Prior to that she worked in construction management, while raising her children. She was an active parent volunteering in the Clackamas county school district and staying involved with all 3 of her children. She has brought a great deal of leadership and organization to the team through priority and case management.  She is passionate about her career and the work the firm does on behalf of all its clients. She states, “The people make The Oliveros Law Group great! Every time one of our attorneys wins a case, it’s a win for the whole team. I really like knowing that I was a part of that success on behalf of the client. It feels good knowing you’re helping others.” When Wendy is not working, she enjoys spending time with her partner and all their children. On weekends, you can find her  going hiking, antiquing, or at home with her children. Her commitment to her career, the people she helps and her professional drive, have made her an invaluable part of The Oliveros Law Group

Anne Toomey

Anne Toomey is a paralegal at the Oliveros Law Group. She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Wilson High School. She then attended Portland Community College, where she successfully earned an associate degree in Criminal Justice, as well as an associate degree in Paralegal studies. She graduated with honors. During her studies, Anne began working in the funeral business, where she spent the next 20 years of her career. However, she wanted to still work in the law and had a passion for wanting to help people get through the difficult process of navigating the legal system.  Ms. Toomey began working for another law firm and after working for several years in family law, she came to the Oliveros Law Group and is now Paralegal to Mr. Oliveros. When asked what she enjoys most about working at the Oliveros Law Group, she states: “The Oliveros Law Group is different from other law firms. We are a team here and everyone supports each other. The clients see it and they feel like everyone here cares about them. I like that I am trusted and given responsibility, and I am encouraged to be successful. I have never experienced a work environment with so much support. I truly feel like respected and valued here.” Anne has two children, her son and daughter and when Anne is not working, she is spending time with her family. She and her children enjoy coin collecting and rock hunting as well as road trips together and spending time at the Portland Zoo. They are also avid football fans and love to watch the games together. Anne’s commitment to her team and our clients is a wonderful addition to the Oliveros Law Group.

Michaila Messenger

Michaila Messenger is the Oliveros Law Group Office Administrator. Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Ms. Messenger attended Blessed Trinity Catholic High School and Graduated in 2014. She then went on to study Environmental Science at Louisiana State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science. After being convinced by her father that she was great at arguing with him, and she should go to law school; she decided she would do just that and was accepted to LSU to study the law. In 2021 she graduated with Doctorate in Jurisprudence. After passing the bar she decided she wanted to learn the legal industry first and chose to take her first position as an Administrator in a law office. When asked why she didn’t immediately go into practice, she states, “There is a lot to know when practicing law. I was amazed at how much compliancy and ethical rules play such a big part in trying to keep a law office operating. From client trust management to following compliancy protocols with the state, it is a lot. I just felt that if I was going to spend the next 30-40 years of my career practicing law, then I should at least know how the industry and the rules apply to the daily operations. In this way I believe I can become the best and most knowledgeable attorney, not just for my clients but for my team.” Michaila is currently engaged to be married, after graduation her and her fiancé moved to Portland, Oregon. Together they enjoy travelling and in the winter they both spend a lot of time snowboarding. They enjoy movies and time with friends and family. Ms. Messenger has a great work ethic and a true desire to help others. Her level of commitment to her team makes her a valuable asset to the Oliveros law Group.

Shannan Korn

Shannan Korn is the Oliveros Law group Administrative Assistant. Ms. Korn was born and raised in Paradise, California and attended and graduated High School there as well. Upon graduation from High School Shannan chose to move to Portland Oregon where she attended Lewis and Clark College. There she studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Shannan came to Oliveros Law Group with an extensive background in client services, process management and customer relations. When asked what she enjoys most about working in the legal industry, she states, “I like knowing that my contribution goes to helping my team and the clients. It really is great getting to know the clients and knowing that we are supporting people going through the toughest of times. I like being on a team where we are always working to help others.” Shannan was raised with her two sisters who are still in California along with her parents. Ms. Korn is married and together her husband and she are raising two adorable house rabbits. When Shannan is not working, she enjoys gardening, baking and trivia. Shannan is a true team player and contributor to her team and brings great value to this office.

Pierre Sabagh

Pierre Sabagh is the Oliveros Law Group’s Law Clerk. Mr. Sabagh was born and raised in the great state of Michigan. His mother and father have three sons of which Pierre is the oldest. He grew up working in his family’s business, working closely with his father. He then went to college at Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a minor in International studies. Mr. Sabagh then entered law school at Lewis and Clark, where he is currently studying for his Juris Doctorate. He is also the Vice president of the Business Law Society. Currently, Mr. Sabagh is clerking for both the personal injury and employment law teams at Oliveros Law Group. When asked what he values most about his work, he states, “This firm is like a big family. I love getting to work with people I truly value and respect, but more importantly, I like that our team always places priority on the clients. We work as a team to provide the best service for our clients. That is what is most rewarding for me.” Pierre is a huge sports fan. Growing up in Michigan, he is a huge Detroit Red Wings fan and loves the sport of hockey. Pierre enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is a ‘foodie” and loves going to new restaurants. He also enjoys hiking and engaging in outdoor activities. Mr. Sabagh is a valued asset and continues to bring a great energy to his team every day.

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