Division of Assets & Debts

Financially Savvy Divorce Attorneys

Whether your divorce will require division of a few core assets, such as your marital home and retirement accounts, or a far more detailed settlement, you will want a financially adept lawyer on your side. At Oliveros Law Group, we take pride in being a go-to firm for people facing complex asset division challenges.

Asset division will be one critical aspect of your divorce settlement. Depending on your specific circumstances, division of marital debts may be equally important. We encourage you to contact us for legal and financial insight encompassing:

  • Division of family business interests to protect your business and your financial future
  • Whether and when a carefully planned and executed bankruptcy or foreclosure could benefit you
  • Development of a complex property settlement that may enable you to keep essential assets and avoid harmful property division such as lump sum or ongoing spousal support payments

Extensive Knowledge and Proven Resources to Build Your Case

Our personal, comprehensive approach is a key strength for clients facing a potentially complex, contested divorce. We will hear you out on your priorities to ensure you the best results. To build your case, we can call on our network of quality experts in areas including tax accounting, forensic accounting, real estate valuation, and business valuation.

Trial-Proven Lawyers and Negotiators Who Will Focus on Your Needs

As in other aspects of divorce, there is no substitute for experienced legal counsel. Assumptions about the division of marital property and debt can end up costing you. We work hard to get the results that are best suited for you.

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