Legal Malpractice

Protecting you From Harm

Legal malpractice occurs when a legal professional fails to uphold and meet the minimum standard of care for their profession. This occurs when an attorney commits a mistake that no other attorney would commit in a similar situation, and because of his or her errors, the client suffers a financial loss. Attorneys must always adhere to strict legal and ethical rules. On top of this, attorneys owe a duty to their clients to deliver a service that follows a professional standard of care. If you believe your attorney violated a rule, law, or breached the standard of care, you might have a legal malpractice claim.

Unraveling the Complexity to Get Results for You

Proving a legal malpractice claim can be difficult. To show that our clients have a legal malpractice case, there must be a duty to the client, the attorney breached that duty, the client suffered financial damages, and the attorney was the cause of the damages. Proving that there are financial damages can be some of the most difficult aspects of a case. Often it is necessary to prove that the previous case would have come out differently had the attorney not made a mistake. At Oliveros Law Group, we have the resources to help prove your case. Our years of experience and mass of experts know what it takes to uncover all of the facts to get the results you deserve.

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