Premise Liability and Slip and Fall Injuries

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What can sometimes seem like a simple fall can lead to months or years of pain. Many individuals do not know they have the right to full compensation for their injuries. All property owners have a duty to exercise reasonable care to maintain a safe premise for anyone who has a legal right to be there. This duty includes stores, homeowners, cities, and the government.  While a premise liability injury often is the result of either a slip or trip and fall, a number of injuries fall into this category. Oliveros Law Group represents injured clients as the result of:

  • Slippery Floors
  • Unsafe Property Conditions
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Inadequate Lighting
  • Not Following Building Codes
  • Lack of Warning Signs

Your Slip and Fall Checklist:

After a slip and fall, take steps to help secure just compensation. A simple checklist ensures you’re well-prepared to address the legal nuances of filing a claim in Oregon.

  1. Safety First: Seek medical attention immediately for injuries.
  2. Document Everything: Take photos of the accident scene, including any hazards.
  3. Report the Accident: Notify the property owner or manager without assigning blame.
  4. Collect Contact Information: Get names and contact details of any witnesses.
  5. Keep Records: Save all medical records and receipts related to the accident.
  6. Consult an Attorney at Oliveros Law Group: Contact us immediately to understand your rights and options.

What Are the Deadlines for Filing in Oregon?

In Oregon, there’s a deadline for filing slip and fall lawsuits, governed by the statute of limitations. Typically, you have two years from the accident date, but there are exceptions, like for minors, where the clock starts ticking at 18. It’s crucial to understand these timelines to ensure your rights are protected. Consulting with us can provide personalized guidance, helping navigate the legal nuances and ensuring timely action on your claim.

What Can You Expect with Compensation

Understanding the potential value of a slip and fall claim is crucial, yet complex. At Oliveros Law Group, we emphasize that each case is unique—there’s no one-size-fits-all settlement figure. The compensation you might be entitled to depends on several factors including: the gravity of your injuries, work downtime, possible permanent disabilities, job return capability, property damage extent, and the necessity for ongoing medical care.

Many cases require specialized knowledge depending on the location of the accident and the type of injury. Our attorneys have years of experience and knowledge to understand what it takes to prove our client’s case. Our goal is to help our clients minimize any hassle and complications as they are on their path to recovery and ensure ample compensation.

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