Sex Crimes

Presenting an Effective Defense in Sex Crime Cases

Sex crime prosecutions today are just as likely to involve charges of indecent exposure, internet pornography, or child molestation, as they are to focus on rape. If you face sex crime charges in the greater Portland area, call an attorney who knows how to develop and execute a sound defense strategy while helping you find ways to minimize your exposure to punishment.

Expert Advice About Sex Crimes Defense in Portland

Sex crime prosecution presents a range of unique challenges for the defense. Both the proof and the defense of sexual misconduct allegations can depend on a number of factors and considerations that do not generally apply other criminal cases. Factors that can affect defense decisions in sex crime cases include mental health issues, psychological issues, family dynamics, and the availability of treatment programs.

At Oliveros Law Group, we have the thorough familiarity with the criminal justice system that can help you find ways to avoid conviction or minimize punishment. Our substantial experience with family law and child welfare cases helps us present a broad view of your situation. This knowledge helps expand the opportunities for resolving your case on acceptable terms, or even steering it away from the criminal justice system altogether.

Our lawyers defend adults and juveniles facing sex crime charges such as:

  • Sexual assault, including rape, spousal rape or date rape
  • Sex with a minor, including cases involving teachers or coaches or situations where both individuals are underage
  • Unlawful sexual contact with a child or minor
  • Family sexual abuse cases
  • Indecent exposure or lewd and lascivious conduct
  • Child pornography cases
  • Internet solicitation of minors for sex

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