Domestic Partnerships

Versatile, Caring Family Law Attorneys

At Oliveros Law Group, our knowledge of current Oregon laws and strategies for protecting our clients’ interests extends to the needs of same-sex couples and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Contact us today to speak with an attorney about our approach and the scope of our legal services. We are prepared to:

  • Assist you in the formation of a legally sound domestic partnership agreement
  • Advise and represent you on all legal aspects of a domestic partnership dissolution

Knowledge of Current Domestic Partnership Laws and Your Rights

Oregon laws allowing and governing domestic partnerships have changed substantially in recent years. Our family law attorneys have a strong understanding of:

  • Individuals’ and families’ rights under the Oregon Family Fairness Act — such as those pertaining to insurance, hospital visitation and inheritance
  • Adjustments to the law made in 2009, dealing with name change procedures, taxation and medical decisions made for same-sex partners
  • The full range of issues faced by couples who decide to seek a dissolution of their domestic partnership — corresponding to those faced by couples who divorce and often including property division disputes and custody issues for adopted children

Counsel and Legal Action to Protect Your Family and Financial Interests

Our goals in representing a gay or lesbian individuals on family matters are the same as those for any other family law challenge. We provide honest, carefully considered insight and counsel in order to enable informed decisions. We stand ready to take critical issues to court if they cannot be resolved amicably.

When children are involved, we will prioritize their interests just as the courts are bound to do. Our financial practical understanding and ability to develop innovative solutions are major assets for our clients.

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