When to hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

When should I hire a personal injury attorney? If you’ve been injured in an accident it is important to understand what your rights are as well as the time frame for filing a claim. A personal injury attorney can help you navigate this process and be there with you every step of the way.

It’s important to speak with a personal injury attorney if:

  • The injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, recklessness or intentional act.

    For example, if a driver failed to yield the right-of-way while turning and collided with your car, this could be considered negligent driving. If a driver was speeding when they hit you from behind and knocked you off balance, that is an act of recklessness. It’s important to remember that even if the person who caused your injury did so accidentally or without any intention of hurting anyone else, they are still responsible for all damages that resulted as a consequence of their actions.

    The injury might not seem so bad at first, but it could end up causing a lot of pain and suffering down the road. It is important you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you understand your options for providing for yourself and your family after such a devastating event.

  • If the injury is severe and has long-term consequences.

    The long term consequences of being involved in an accident can be hard to predict. Sometimes, you may not know that your injury is serious until months or even years after the accident. Injuries from accidents can affect many areas of your life, including your job, relationships with friends and family members, hobbies and interests, emotional health and more. The severity of these impacts is different for everyone based on their specific circumstances but there are some common issues that people experience following injuries due to accidents such as feeling anxious or depressed, having difficulty sleeping, and needing help with everyday tasks.You may be thinking that you’re not at risk of any long-term consequences from your injury, but the truth is that many injuries can have lasting effects. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident and are now living with pain or other symptoms, it’s important to know what resources are available to help manage those issues. A personal injury attorney can be a good resource for handling these types of cases.

  • If your medical bills are high.

    It’s no secret that being injured can be expensive. In fact, a recent study from United Healthcare in 2021, found that the average cost of an emergency room visit is $2,200! As if that weren’t enough to worry about, it’s also not uncommon for people who have been injured in accidents to experience significant wage loss and even long-term disability. If you’ve been hurt on the job or in an accident and are looking for advice on how to cope with your high medical bills as well as other costs like lost wages and potential future earnings due to injury, an Oliveros personal injury attorney can help guide you.

  • If you are eligible for compensation.

    You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life (aka diminished quality of life), disability benefits, loss of consortium (if married) and more. After a traumatic event, there are many different things that need to be taken care of. Medical bills can be a huge strain on anyone. Whether you are injured and not working, or have a job that doesn’t offer medical benefits, it’s hard to know where to turn for help with the cost of your medical care.  A personal injury lawyer will help take care of your medical bills and other expenses while you focus on healing.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t wait to contact your personal injury attorney. Accidents can be emotionally and financially taxing, but it is important that you take the legal steps necessary as soon as possible. Your lawyer will help make sure that your rights are protected while providing guidance on how to proceed with medical care or other financial needs following a car crash or work-related injury. They may also provide assistance for workers’ compensation claims if applicable. Contact us today so we can get started helping you through this difficult time!

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I can’t thank you enough

Katherine~ I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve continued to do for me. Your sincerity and dedication has made all the difference! Thanks a million K~

–Aaron Berger 7/03/18
I am deeply grateful

I am deeply grateful for all the knowledge, experience and hard work Bill poured into my complicated auto accident case in which I was injured. I couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome. At first I tried taking care of it by myself which turned out to be fruitless and hopeless! Also, I’m so appreciative of how he and his staff kept me updated and gave such respectful responses to my questions and inquiries of which were many!

If I should ever need a lawyer again you can be sure Bill Knox will be the first I’ll call!!!

–Less 2/21/18
Honest, helpful, and understanding.

Honest, helpful, and understanding. I worked with Bill and Myra. They were wonderful and would definitely recommend!

–Julia Harrison 5/23/17
I would definitely recommend Oliveros Law Group.

Thank you Bill and Myra for all your dedication. I would definitely recommend Oliveros Law Group. With there team in your corner you have nothing to worry about, and everything to gain. Thank you Again Ralynn Namie

–Ralynn Namie 6/20/17
Best decision I could have made.

Best decision I could have made. I hired Mr. Oliveros to help me with a child support/custody issue I was having. I knew my situation was not fair or balanced. Mr. Oliveros looked at my overall situation and formulated a good strategy and was able to get the results we both wanted. I will be forever grateful for all the hard work. Thank you to the entire Oliveros Law team.

–CL 7/24/17
Thank you Greg!!

I worked with Greg Oliveros for over a year on my case. The quality of work and commitment to justice is why I chose to work with Mr. Oliveros. He without a doubt always had my best interest at heart as his client. I would want him in my corner if I had to do this again. Thank you Greg!!

–Sara Blanchard 6/14/17
Greg is the best attorney I have ever worked with

Greg is the best attorney I have ever worked with. After talking with several attorneys he is the only one that said what he could do for me and followed through with better results than expected. Went from 20 days in jail to 20 days house arrest. If you need somebody to go to bat for you go see Greg!!!!!!

–RM 7/24/17

This is for anyone who is looking for a great attorney, William C. Knox III (Catastrophic Injury Attorney) is one of the best out there! He also does divorce cases. Thanks Bill for the wonderful job you did for my son and I.

–Aisha C. 3/21/17
Thank you to The Oliveros Law Group

Our Family attorney William C. Knox III ROCKS! I highly, highly recommend him and his firm for any and all your legal needs.

–Amelia S. 4/12/17
Thank you Oliveros Law Group

I would like to write a message to Mr. Knox about my case and what he did for me. from the first day that we met and started my case to the last day in court. I was surprised at how prepared he was and how much thought he put into my case. He worked so hard and always kept me informed about the costs and time lines. Mr. Knox, I really appreciate all the hard work on my case. Thank you.

–Maged S. 4/26/17
Bill Knox is a ROCKSTAR!

I was recently in an auto accident in which it was not my fault. I was injured and my car was totaled. I had no idea what to do as this was the first time this had happened to me. After some questionable dealings with the other parties insurance I felt hopeless. I was referred to Mr. Knox and after our first meeting I was immediately put at ease. I felt like a weight had been lifted. I began treatment for my injuries and Mr. Knox stayed in contact with me through the whole process. He guided me and always was available during the process. I am amazed at how hard he worked for me. This was the first time I ever hired an attorney and I now understand the value of having an attorney. Thank you Mr. Knox, we will be using you again.

–Tanya S. 4/27/17
Thank you so much….

Bill, thank you so much for helping me win my case. Your and Myra’s attention to detail and thorough communication were hallmarks of your dedication to my case. Being in an auto accident and the ensuing claims and legal affairs can be tiring, but you and your teams display of confidence and constant guidance got me through. Thanks, Bill!

–Lisa L. 5/23/17
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