Prenuptial & Marital Agreements

Skilled, Financially Savvy Portland Area Family Law Attorneys

Our extensive efforts advocating for men and women, husbands and wives across Oregon have produced strong knowledge of prenuptial agreements and other types of marital contracts.

While we have substantial knowledge and resources for advising clients who are considering or evaluating a prenuptial or marital agreement, our lawyers have become especially adept in divorce cases that require contesting or defending the validity of existing contracts.

Experience in Evaluating, Defending and Contesting Marital Agreements

As with other pivotal family law issues, we emphasize research, preparation and case building that puts our client in the best position possible to achieve his or her goals. When a prenuptial, postnuptial or other agreement must be interpreted, validated or refuted, we may focus on:

  • Whether the prenuptial or other agreement in question is valid or contains legal and technical errors
  • Whether any type of fraud or illegal coercion was involved in the formation and signing of the agreement
  • Stipulations in the agreement that conflict with Oregon law or are otherwise contrary to the best interests of children of the marriage
  • The meaning and enforceability of amendments made to the original contract

Far-Reaching Legal Knowledge That Could Make the Difference For You

Most prenuptial and postnuptial agreements focus on financial issues, such as protection of one spouse’s disproportionate personal assets should the marriage end in divorce. We have extensive experience in bankruptcy and other complex financial matters, together with connections to a network of quality accountants and other experts. This knowledge equips us well to evaluate and explain your rights under the law.

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