Targeting the Best Possible Outcomes in Your Divorce

Few challenges in life are more stressful, pivotal, and life changing than divorce. Decisions you make today could make the difference between your ability to move forward with confidence or an outcomes leading to years of regret.

Oregon family law is complex in many respects, and there are many ways to approach divorce. Whether your key priorities involve maintaining relationships with your children, dividing assets and debts fairly, or achieving child and spousal support arrangements, turn to Oliveros Law Group for skilled representation.

At Oliveros Law Group, we strongly believe that divorce calls for in-depth, personal interaction with a lawyer you can trust. Our Portland divorce attorneys have achieved many favorable settlements for men and women facing a wide range of complex issues. In today’s difficult economy, many people must also consider bankruptcy when a marriage fails, and our firm’s strength in this area is vitally important to some clients.

Savvy, Productive Negotiation or Aggressive Trial Representation

Our lawyers focus on assertive negotiation and collaboration to the greatest extent possible, but stand ready for trial if your divorcing spouse remains adversarial. You can depend on us to answer your questions and present all options on critical issues including:

  • Child custody and visitation, focusing on protecting the best interests of the children
  • Division of assets and debts, whether primarily involving the family home and a few basic assets or contested marital property such as business interests, rental property and other investments that call for a complex property settlement
  • Child support and spousal support/alimony

Our experienced Portland area family law attorneys bring financial perceptive and human compassion to our work on behalf of our valued clients. We represent anyone facing family law disputes, from executives, licensed professionals and business owners to hardworking full-time parents throughout the Portland area.

Post-Divorce Matters

The need for an attorney rarely disappears after a divorce is final. If you need help enforcing a divorce order, modifying a child custody plan or handling another family law issue post-divorce, we are here for you. Child and parent relocation issues are another concern in today’s mobile society. At Oliveros Law Group, we offer honest, straightforward counsel on parental relocation with children and all other post-divorce matters.

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