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Being terminated from a job is just as bad as going through a death of a friend or family member.  It can cause deep emotional turmoil, stress, anxiety, and even depression.  What can make a termination even more horrifying is if you think it is because of discrimination, complaints of sexual harassment or discrimination, or because someone doesn’t like something about you that is a part of who you are.  

​While Oregon is an at-will state, meaning that you can be fired for anything your employer wants (unless you have a contract that states otherwise), an employer is not allowed to terminate, retaliate, demote, or any other negative employment action, on the basis of some very specific classifications.  It is good to note here that whether or not you have a valid state or federal claim, will depend on your individual scenario.  You should call Oliveros Law Group!  The classes that are protected are the following:

  • Race
  • Gender (also includes pregnancy and gender identity)
  • Age
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability, even if the employer thought you had a disability
  • FMLA or OFLA protected leave
  • Citizenship status or unfair document practices
  • National Origin
  • Religious beliefs
  • Family status (meaning you are married, have kids, etc)
  • Whistleblower
  • Retaliation for being involved in some reporting of discrimination or participating in a proceeding
  • Hostile work environment (in limited situations)

If you think that any of the above apply to your situation, or you’re asking yourself any of the following questions, then chances are you should call Oliveros Law Group.

Employment Discrimination 

  • Was I fired/disciplined because of something that is a part of who I am?
  • Was I fired/disciplined because I complained to HR about something that happened to me?
  • Was I fired/disciplined because I gave a witness statement to HR about something, I witnessed that I felt was wrong?
  • I was fired/disciplined because I feel that my employer just didn’t like me for something about who I am, and I feel that it was discriminatory.

Whether you need advice as an employee or manager, have a question about a new regulation, or need help figuring out how much money you are owed after losing your job, Oliveros Law Group is here to help. With experience in everything from BOLI complaints, wage and hour questions, discrimination and sexual harassment complaints, leave laws, and ADAAA compliance, to figuring out how the legalization of marijuana will affect your business, we can help you navigate the complex world of employment law.

All claims have a very specific timeframes in which to protect your rights, otherwise you’re forever barred from bringing a claim.  To not seek advice when everything happens can actually work against you.  

The Oliveros Law Group is an experienced and proven advocate in this area of law. We are committed and have a track record of extraordinary outcomes. Don’t wait, call Oliveros Law Group today!


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