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  1. These guys went to bat for me.

    These guys went to bat for me. I thought I was really in a bad situation. They were professional, and got the case resolved in an expedient manner.

    Even Allison the paralegal, who had the flu, was still there working on my paperwork.

    I talked with Chris initially and he made me feel at home as his father was a Veteran also.

    Nicole, the receptionist was there even before opening when I called in and was very helpful with parking info for Clackamas court.

    Have to give Wendy a shout-out also. She sat there and copied months of previous messages with a vindictive EX-GF who filed a restraining order against me since I had told her ‘other’ BF about her being “exclusive” with the both of us.

    Last but not least, I really appreciated Greg Oliveros and his extensive knowledge of civil lawsuits. Having a history in these matters and knowing the local courts in Clackamas County.

    –Shawn 1/02/18
  2. William Knox was great.

    I was injured in a automobile accident and William Knox was great. His experience was evident right when we met. He took the time to look through all my medical records and knew exactly how my case would play out. I would highly recommend.

    –Baylor 12/29/17
  3. Thank you Greg Oliver’s for your preparation work

    Thank you Greg Oliver’s for your preparation work, your fine tuning on the smallest of details, and your beautiful execution inside of the courtroom. You have a great sense on which move to play next and how to play it next. I won’t be looking for any other attorneys in the future.

    –Nicolas 12/11/17

    #CLASSACT #AMAZINGSERVICE #VERYHAPPYCLIENT. I dont have enough room to write all the good things I love about Greg and The Oliveros Group but I will definitely be referring anyone with a heart beat and pulse that is looking for the best attorney in the state. Greg has not only helped me personally but has done great work for my immediate family members and friends. He’s honest, credible, respectful and bull dog. He and his team get after it and fight for you to the very end. I’m so grateful for connecting with Greg and the Oliveras Group and so are the many friends and family members I’ve sent his way. Thanks so much we all appreciate it..

    –Tony 11/21/17
  5. Honest, helpful, and understanding.

    Honest, helpful, and understanding. I worked with Bill and Myra. They were wonderful and would definitely recommend!

    –Julia Harrison 5/23/17
  6. I would definitely recommend Oliveros Law Group.

    Thank you Bill and Myra for all your dedication. I would definitely recommend Oliveros Law Group. With there team in your corner you have nothing to worry about, and everything to gain. Thank you Again Ralynn Namie

    –Ralynn Namie 6/20/17
  7. Best decision I could have made.

    Best decision I could have made. I hired Mr. Oliveros to help me with a child support/custody issue I was having. I knew my situation was not fair or balanced. Mr. Oliveros looked at my overall situation and formulated a good strategy and was able to get the results we both wanted. I will be forever grateful for all the hard work. Thank you to the entire Oliveros Law team.

    –CL 7/24/17
  8. Thank you Greg!!

    I worked with Greg Oliveros for over a year on my case. The quality of work and commitment to justice is why I chose to work with Mr. Oliveros. He without a doubt always had my best interest at heart as his client. I would want him in my corner if I had to do this again. Thank you Greg!!

    –Sara Blanchard 6/14/17
  9. Greg is the best attorney I have ever worked with

    Greg is the best attorney I have ever worked with. After talking with several attorneys he is the only one that said what he could do for me and followed through with better results than expected. Went from 20 days in jail to 20 days house arrest. If you need somebody to go to bat for you go see Greg!!!!!!

    –RM 7/24/17

    This is for anyone who is looking for a great attorney, William C. Knox III (Catastrophic Injury Attorney) is one of the best out there! He also does divorce cases. Thanks Bill for the wonderful job you did for my son and I.

    –Aisha C. 3/21/17

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